Who I am?

Name: Cristina Pers


Nickname: krys


Born date: 11th January


Born place: Cartagena (Murcia)


Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese.


Education and activity: Law degree (UB) and student of an International Sports Law LLM (ISDE). I compite, judge, teach and work to develop my sport: freestyle slalom.


Hobbies: skating (freestyle slalom), listening and playing music, reading, cinema, traveling, hanging out with my friends, photography, ...


Sponsors: the skates shop Inercia (www.inerciaonline.com and www.inercia-shop.com) and the brand Seba (www.sebanews.com and www.universkate.com)


My current skates: Seba Igor 2012 with Seba Deluxe 219mm rockered frame for freestyle slalom, Seba Carbon with Seba Deluxe 231mm rockered frame for speed slalom and FR1 with Seba 243mm frame for freeskate.